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Adopt a strategic approach to audience segmentation. It’s time to think outside the box!

We're often faced with customers concerned about their segmentation practices. They are looking for ways to move away from age old traditional methods always turning up the same people to strategic ploys expanding their reach.

Here at Audiense we enable those strategies in turn acquiring and activating untapped audiences through the following practices:

  1. Conducting market analysis is essential to understand potential audiences, total brand reach and the overlaps with competitor audiences.
  2. Creating unique, targeted audiences.
  3. Optimising engagement with these segments based on insights about them.
  4. Keeping track of who and what the users engaged with and audience quality.

The traditional approach towards segmentation does not allow for a brand to reach the entire spectrum of their audience. In turn messaging personalisation is limited to general insights resulting in lower engagement. The objective is to effectively expand brand reach to the full spectrum of the audience. Interpreting the composition of any audience with enriched consumer insights enables you to personalise engagements with those segments on an individual level and that too effortlessly.

We implemented this identification and audience creation method with Hewlett Packard (HP) within the UK.

Having conducted in-depth market analysis we were able to uncover the actual size of the brand community, which included those who follow the brand and those who have engaged with it. As a result the real community was 32% larger than what the brand perceived it to be. In the table below we see that only 18% of the audience that has interacted with @HPUK are followers of the brand and only 7% of the followers of the brand interacted with it demonstrating the importance of identifying the actual community.

HP UK Real Community - Audiense

Upon analysis of the UK tech group we were able to see how @HPUK's market share corresponded to approximately 44% of the potential audience for key industry players. It was clear that they had ample market to conquer!

HP UK Market Share Tech Industry - Audiense

Before creating any audiences based on newly discovered segments let’s take a look at the breakdown of the current community and the segments it contains. In terms of traditional segmentation @HPUK has historically been interested mostly in two types of audiences: purchasing decision makers within the technology industry and small and midsized businesses, among others. The question remains, are there any untapped segments to engage?

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The insights report clearly highlights 5 differentiated and identifiable segments offering valuable information on each of these groups.

Audiense Insights - HP UK - Insights Report 1
Audiense Insights - HP UK - Insights Report 2

As we can see, segmentation based on brand followers has the ability to activate more than one type of segment. In this case, we identified an unusual segment linked to the musical band ‘The Vamps’, a by-product of a cross-industry campaign launched in 2016. As a result of this campaign @HPUK activated a segment with marked differences from the traditional ‘Tech purchasing decision maker’. This raises two questions for us:

  1. What segment were they trying to target when launching a campaign featuring The Vamps?
  2. Having connected with this audience, have they continued to nurture that relationship in any way?

Using the insights on this segment the possibility for strategic future follow-up campaigns are endless.

Another untapped segment of significance identified was that of ‘gamers’. Although considered a niche market, the gaming segment is of undeniable importance especially if we take into consideration last year’s growth of the PC Gaming Hardware market to a record breaking $30 million.

Audiense Insights - HP UK - Gamers Segment - Consumer Insights

The data and insights that Audiense provides not only identifies untapped segments, but also offers enriched intelligence to support creative content strategies and media plans in effort to maximize segment-driven campaign performance. Using this information the marketing agency working with @HPUK could effectively create personalised content and campaigns to increase engagement with target audiences.

Once new segments have been identified, new potential opportunities come into play and the line of questioning changes. No longer is HP interested in what segments are out there but rather the brands dominating the gaming market in the UK, market share value within the actual community and how to engage with new consumers based on the insights gathered.


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