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Big news - Audiense’s 1st acquisition, we just got even better!

It’s been an incredible few months here at Audiense HQ!

Last month, we celebrated ten years of Audiense with our team meet-up in Lanzarote and this month, we are thrilled to share with you - our loyal customers - probably our most exciting news since we changed our name to Audiense.

The audience intelligence platform you know and love is about to get even better, as today we announce our acquisition of SOPRISM. 

SOPRISM is an extraordinary consumer insight tool, and team, which helps brands unearth real digital intelligence across META platforms, giving you access to over three million people worldwide. 

As part of our acquisition, we’ll be merging SOPRISM’s powerful analytics engine into Audiense’s platform.This feels like a natural next step for us, as we strive toward building the world’s leading audience intelligence tool! By bringing SOPRISM into the fold, we know we’re providing the very best user experience for our customers. 

The thinking behind this acquisition is very simple. We already know that both methodologies for audience intelligence are highly complementary, this merge means the creation of a unique player in the market with our capabilities of cultural and sociodemographic understanding of audiences from any channel, including first party data. We are now, by far, the most complete platform for understanding audiences to complement traditional consumer research based on surveys or other traditional methods.

What exactly does this mean for you? Well, you’ll be able to explore a whole new world of audience insights! You’ll be able to access audiences across Facebook and Instagram, brand new audience definitions that will enhance data segmentation, new filtering tools and reports designed to improve audience understanding, and so much more. 

Check out what Jonathann Mingoia (Co-Founder of SOPRISM) and I have to say about the acquisition and what SOPRISM brings to the table 👇 

We have lots more in the pipeline and we cannot wait for you to start using SOPRISM and Audiense together. Got questions? Visit our FAQs page which will tell you everything you need to know about this exciting acquisition or contact your account manager directly.