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[Social Data Summit] Driving business success through deep understanding of consumer behaviour

A few organisations disrupting the social and digital insights space were featured in the third and final edition of the 2020 virtual Social Data Summit, which took place on 4th November. The speakers and experts showcased the best practices and strategies to improve how brands can drive business success through the deep understanding of consumer behaviour.

The quarterly virtual event focuses on the latest and best strategies in regards to understanding digital behaviour of consumers, and it’s organised by and The Insight Network. It’s free for attendees watching live but you can sign-up here to catch-up on replays and all the case-studies, game-changing technologies and discussions that took place this year.

The sessions in this edition were a continuation of some of the themes we explored from the first two instalments as the speakers discussed how to combine human analysis alongside AI & technology for deriving deeper customer and competitive insights.

Speakers at Social Data Summit 3rd edition

On that note, the first session from Michalis Michael, Founder & CEO of DigitalMR, rounded this subject to the T. His presentation was “Intelligence 360: Solicited + Unsolicited Customer Opinion” that covered the pre-conditions for social intelligence to be more useful than harmful for an organisation, and he moved into how social intelligence can be integrated with other unstructured customer data sources, such as answers to open-ended questions from surveys, FGD transcripts, call centre transcripts, and images posted online. We were given a masterclass on how all these sources of unstructured data can be combined into a single dataset, annotated with the use of machine learning models (AI), and processed ready to be mined for unique insights that would otherwise be invisible.

The benefits of an audience-first SEO strategy

Going into the lunch session, Rory Hope, Head of Inbound Marketing from Semetrical, presented a fascinating topic “How to Improve Performance with Audience-First SEO & Content Strategy”. This was especially appealing to marketers on exploring the benefits of an audience-first SEO strategy, integrating keyword intelligence and audience intelligence research to formulate the concept and how to optimise to improve performance. A really interesting concept and must-watch for all marketing strategists.

Rory Hope - Post


Effective data analysis doesn’t have to be arduous

The post-lunch session was about using technology and AI for deeper insights. Phil Agnew, Director of Product Marketing at Brandwatch, gave a talk on “5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Analysis With AI”. Analysing social data for actionable insights isn’t easy. It takes time, experience, and resources – especially if you don’t have the right tools.

More often than not, analysts miss insights or cut corners to save time, which can lead to a misleading and incomplete picture of consumer sentiment, trends, or brand health. But effective data analysis doesn’t have to be arduous. In this presentation Phill shared five ways forward-thinking brands are using AI to enrich their data analysis and save time. Watch the full replay here.

New trends and methods of social media measurement

Alessandra Cervi, Research & Insight Director from We Are Social, gave a talk on “Monitoring Change Through Social Media Measurement”. Her session took us through how social data measurement & effectiveness was done in the past by brands and new trends as well as methods of doing it currently.

The next presentation was refreshing, relevant and fun, given most of us are having to use online tools and platforms to deliver content and connect with consumers. Jennifer Watson, Social Media Manager at Agorapulse, presented “How to Create a Successful Live Show & Be Confident on Camera”. She spoke on how to build a live video strategy from scratch, equipment, and setup needed for live video production, and real-world examples of what really gets views on social channels. A must for speakers and content producers.

Jennifer’s presentation also demonstrated the best way to tell your story and connect with consumers by creating a unique and immersive experience, that increases engagement and builds brand loyalty. The content was applicable to both B2B & B2C businesses, delivering a better understanding of live video best practices, fresh ideas to incorporate into your social media marketing strategy, and the equipment and confidence needed to create a successful live show.

Competitive intelligence is a top business objective for 49% of social listening practitioners

Back to serious business, Stephen Dale - General Manager, Northern Europe at Digimind, presented his session about “When Competitive Intelligence Meets Social Intelligence”. According to a Forrester survey among social listening practitioners, 49% of them said competitive intelligence is their top business objective. In an always more competitive business environment, it is not only important to use social intelligence to uncover what consumers desire, but also to keep up with what competitors (incumbent ones or new entrants) are up to.

Stephen gave a fantastic talk on how to unveil competitor’s strategies, deliver the best customer experiences, identify market opportunities and risks by combining the practices of competitive intelligence and social intelligence. You can watch the full session here.

The final session of the day was from Sam Pike, European Sales Director at ROI Hunter. The topic was “Take Back Control of Your Product Marketing Spend on Social” and she presented best practices a retailer can adopt to drive profitable ecommerce at scale from their social ads. He demonstrated a mixture of advanced implementations and case studies offering some inspiration.

All sessions are available to watch here. Sign-up to our research & insights community – The Insight Network.

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