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Bringing fashion to the masses: 3 examples of brands capitalising on Fashion Week 2022

Fashion is always evolving and when it comes to social media, fashion brands work hard to keep up with the latest trends. It’s probably fair to say, based on our recent analysis of A/W Fashion Week 2022, that fashion brands are leading the way when it comes to staying in touch with their customers.

With the digital revolution showing no signs of slowing, we decided to take a look at three brands capitalising on Fashion Week, using social media to expand their audiences.

Samsung rules the night with the Galaxy S22

At the front row of fashion week, Samsung was named an Official Partner of London Fashion Week. This wasn’t their first time dipping a toe into fashion, after debuting the Galaxy Z Flip on the runway in February 2022 as part of designer Ashley Williams’ catwalk show.


This time, Samsung took the opportunity to promote a new phone, the Galaxy S22. They teamed up with designer Charles Jeffrey of LOVERBOY with a firm shot entirely at night, to show off their brand-new Night Mode features that can capture the vibe, no matter the lighting situ.


Moschino’s TikTok takeover

Perhaps a well-known name in the fashion world, Moschino is a luxury brand revered for its fun and quirky approach to high fashion. It comes as no surprise that their work on TikTok puts them at the top of the leader board in terms of reaching the somewhat elusive Gen Z audience.


Moschino are making TikTok work for them by bringing fashion to the masses. With nearly 125,000 followers and a cool one million likes on the platform, their entire aesthetic focuses on being bold, vibrant and diverse. We especially admire their dedication to bringing their fans behind the scenes, provided a backstage pass to Milan Fashion Week, no matter where they’re scrolling.


DS embraces fashion with the 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 4x4

How exactly does an automotive brand make the most of fashion week? DS Automobiles, a luxury French brand, describes itself as a brand where savoir-faire meets advanced technology. To illustrate this, they made sure that walking remained exclusive to the catwalk.


Their 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 4x4 was selected as the official event car for Paris Fashion Week, escorting the very finest guests to events. Why bother with advertising when you can have Anna Wintour papped in your car? They also took the opportunity to highlight their long-standing connection with haute couture through an extensive digital campaign, while also championing sustainability. A perfect example of how luxury brands can sell goods on social media.


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