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How we use Consumer Insights for our own Media Strategy

Last summer using Audiense Insights we took a look at who has the ability to influence a CMO. Our aim was to better understand and connect with a critical segment of our target audience.

Using an Insights Report focused on the CMO’s of 2017 we generated a Top 10 influencer ranking, based on affinity and uniqueness. A common practice here at Audiense is periodically analysing our target audiences allowing us to gain a better understanding of who they are and how we can engage them. Such insights form the basis of our marketing strategies informing actions around retention, growth and acquisition.

During our first strategy planning session of 2018, we did what we do best and generated a few insights reports to confirm our target audience remained the same. As expected the segments identified and their online habits were very similar to last year’s.

Confession time… How we use consumer insights in our own media strategy

Let’s use the CMOs audience as a working example of how we utilise consumer insights to inform our own media strategy and in turn our global marketing strategy.

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Targeted PR efforts

Consumer insights have always pointed us in the right direction when creating our PR strategy. With the power of Audiense Insights, we are able to identify relevant content and execute effective targeting by approaching only those media outlets that have the greatest reach among the members of the audience in question (in this case, CMOs).

Audiense - Insights - CMOs 2017 Report - Full Audience - Media affinity - Magazines

Channel engagement

Targeting the right media outlets is only one hurdle when strategizing for the year. In order to boost direct engagement, it is essential to understand what social media channels your target audience is the most active on. In the case of the CMOs audience, Medium and LinkedIn were identified as the channels of choice (by a significant majority) as seen below.

Audiense - CMOs - Consumer Insights - Online Habits - Social Media Presence

Such findings clearly validate our approach to channel engagement reassuring us to continue our content distribution via Medium. This year we decided to take it a step further and roll out a new publication "Data, Insights, Action!" through which content will be posted in English and Spanish in an effort to reach more individuals within our target audience.

Advertising and social networks

Along with identifying relevant content distribution channels, advertising to the right social networks is equally as important. As seen above the CMO audience is 21.76 times more likely to use LinkedIn in comparison to other channels. As a result, investing in LinkedIn has become a high priority when allocating our annual budget.

How do you adapt your media strategy to target relevant segments? Could Audiense Insights be the answer to effective hyper-segmentation and targeting? We know it works for us! Give it a go and create your free Audiense Insights account today!

This blog is a translation from the Spanish original, written by Paz Segura, for the Audiense Spanish blog.

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