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How To Delete Lists On Twitter: A Quick Guide from Audiense

And now, end is near. And so I face, the final curtain. Or at least, your Twitter list does. Occasionally, we grow tired of a list that isn’t giving us the information we need, or we no longer have a use for it. That’s okay, it’s natural. If you’re absolutely certain that you want to delete the list (it’s very simple to edit lists and add/remove people), here’s how it’s done.

How to delete lists on Twitter
  • Navigate to the Lists page on Twitter, either by choosing the gear icon in the top-right hand corner of your homepage, or by going to your profile page and selecting More.
  • You can only delete lists that you can have created, so select a list created by you from your Subscribed To tab.
  • On the left-hand side panel of your Twitter list stream, you’ll see the title and description of the list. There are two options to either Edit or Delete.
  • To delete your list on Twitter, just click Delete and confirm that you would like to delete the list.

There you have it! Bear in mind that once you have deleted a list on Twitter, it will no longer be accessible to anybody who has subscribed to it. If you’ve created lists on a brand Twitter account that customers or followers are using, take the time to alert them that the list will be deleted before you do so.

How to delete yourself from a Twitter list

Alternatively, if you’d like to remove yourself from a Twitter list created by another user, this is also very easy to do. As we’ve already said, you cannot delete a Twitter list that was not created by you, but sometimes other Twitter users can add you to their own lists. Sometimes this is great (‘Oh hey, this person just added me to their Really Cool Hair list!’), and sometimes it’s not so great (‘Why on earth have I been added to somebody’s Annoying Tweeters list?). Sometimes you’d rather not be monitored on a Twitter list.

That’s fine, here’s how to delete yourself from a Twitter list:

  • Navigate to the Twitter list you’ve been added to: you can either do this via the notification you received, or by going to your Lists page on Twitter and clicking the Members Of tab.
  • Select the user who has created the list.
  • Block the user: be aware that if you block somebody you follow/who follows you, you will no longer follow each other.
  • Unblock the user if you desire, or just leave it.

Job done! If you navigate back to the Member Of tab you will see that you are no longer part of their list.

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