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Influencer: understand your audience to better pitch to brands

Hi influencer, today we're dedicating this post to you. Not everything is brands and agencies in influencer marketing. Although maybe they'll also get something out of this article.

We never tire of repeating that the size of an influencer's community is no indication of the true influence over an audience. It's not a question of numbers, or at least it's not about the specific number of followers they have. The quality of the audience, the characteristics of these people, the affinity, the values and the interests of these individuals will clearly establish the relationship that exists between the community and the influencer.

So, as an influencer yourself, have you stopped to consider your audience beyond solely the hard numbers? Do you know what kind of people follow you? What they're really like? What interests they have? What their motivations are when it comes to making decisions? If you haven't considered all these questions then you're blindly disregarding much information that:

  1. will help increase the influence you have over your audience by adapting your message and style of communication to them.
  2. will give you the ammunition, i.e. objective data, to show brands exactly why you are the best option for their influencer marketing campaigns.

Ilde Cortés, Social Media Manager for the Spanish Football Team and the Royal Spanish Football Federation has a clear understanding of the role influencers play. "The influencer must not forget that he is his own product and must adapt to market trends and to his community. Using a tool that allows you to control every key detail of your followers is fundamental when it comes to maximizing reach and influence."

Do you need another reason why you should finally get to know your audience in depth? Brands are doing just that right now. We've already talked about how an influencer's audience is one of the criteria that brands take into account when evaluating the suitability of that influencer for their brand. Get ahead of the game and give them the information they need for them to choose you over other influencers.

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Javier Burón, our CEO, encourages influencers to analyse their audiences "Today, there are many parties involved in influencer marketing campaigns: agencies, brands, the influencers themselves... When brands select influencers they have different criteria. If the influencer is able to provide relevant insights, he has a great advantage over other influencers who are direct competition in this market!"

So, now you're maybe wondering exactly what kind of information and data we're talking about? Here are some examples of how insights drawn from the social data of your community can deliver great value for your professional activity as an influencer.

What is your audience like?

When it comes to analyzing your audience in-depth, qualitative information (what they are like) is much more valuable than quantitative information (how many they are). Social data offers insights that outline a clear and authentic image of exactly what your audience is like. Knowing the personality traits of this audience, their sociodemographic characteristics, their motivations, needs, interests, what their values and affinities are or what their favourite online and offline channels are, all form a key element for effective communication with your audience, offering them not only relevant content but also in the right place.

And this brings us to the next question.

Who are the people that make up your audience?

If at some point you thought that your audience was a homogeneous set of individuals, you may be making a basic error. Even the most modest audience has a segmented structure based on the different characteristics of the people that comprise it. Interests, sociodemographic characteristics and relationships are some of the common criteria that can differentiate one group from another. If, in addition to knowing what those groups are, you deepen the analysis and discover exactly what they are like (as we mentioned previously), you now possess the ideal information to present to brands as you can offer new strategic segments to target, and all thanks to you!

Which brands do your followers trust?

Brand affinity is another piece of relevant information to understand about your followers. Do you know which brands they are interested in and trust? Analyze the different segments of your audience to discover their favourite brands and you'll then know which companies to target in order to propose yourself as a candidate for their influencer marketing campaigns. Their favourite brands and their competition will be your main objective.

As an influencer, these are just some of the uses of the insights about your audience to be extracted from the analysis of social data. If you're an influencer (or an agency) and you want to understand in precise detail what your audience is like then create your free Audiense Insights account today and discover everything about them!

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