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How to subscribe to lists on Twitter

Subscribing to a Twitter list is a great to start if you want to use lists in your marketing or Twitter strategy, but don’t have the time of the energy to create your own. Many brands and industries create Twitter lists of influential people who have views on important topics or influence among their audience. All these ready-made lists means you can follow lists on Twitter easily and still get all the great information you were looking for.

  • To see what lists somebody has created, navigate to their profile, select the More (...) icon, and click View Lists.
  • On their lists page, you can see all the lists they've created. Choose which list you're interested in by clicking on the name of the list. 
  • When you open a list, you can see a timeline feed of all recent tweets from accounts on that list. 
  • At the top of the page, you see a description of the list and click Follow!

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Not sure where to start looking for lists? Well there are various kinds of lists you can follow on Twitter that might be beneficial to you:

  • Follow a list of influential people in your industry that share great content to keep up-to-date on what’s topical.
  • If you’re a personal user, you might be interested in following a list of users talking about things you’re interested in, like #fitness or #cats.
  • Follow public lists that compile your local services and businesses to stay in touch with your community.
  • Your company might even have a list of all their employers, so you can easily contact and see what your colleagues are talking about (hopefully not you).

The best part of following lists created by somebody else on Twitter is that you don’t need to maintain or update the list yourself. You can also discover a treasure trove of articles on Google highlighting Twitter lists you must follow.

That’s it! It’s very easy to follow lists on Twitter, now you can subscribe to as many as you like. If you’re interested in reading more about lists, check out our blogs on how to make a list on Twitter or how to delete a list on Twitter.

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