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Unilever’s looking to a #BrightFuture, the best Of brand tweets & a round up of #SMWLDN

Twitter Trends

This week, social media had a rollicking time! We trace Unilever’s pledge to a #BrightFuture with a touching ad on the demise of rainforests. On top of this, we bring you the best of brand Tweets, and a round up of only the best Twitter content from Social Media Week London. Stay tuned for all these Twitter Trends, and more.

Unilever takes action against climate change

Unilever is on a mission to create a #BrightFuture for the next generation. The global giant is working with WWF to help protect one million trees in two of the most threatened forest areas in the world, Brazil and Indonesia.

Unilever has released a new ad to drive home the message that trees are dying in our rainforests, and it’s time we do something.


The ad shows one lonesome tree from the rainforest running to the city for a better life. Sadly, the message couldn’t be more ironic.


Read more and contribute to the campaign here.

The week’s best brand tweets

We saw a whole bunch of one-off, clever Tweets from a number of brands this week, and had to share them in this round up! Here are our favourite picks.

Starbucks’ famous Pumpkin Spice Latte is back:


Marmite gets cheeky with the news of Facebook’s new dislike button:


And another one, this time with an #XFactor Twist:


Mmm, Coca Cola’s delicious tribute to the old but gold Coke Float:

Social Media Week London Ahoy! #SMWLDN

This week was literally all about the one thing we love. Social Media Week descended upon London and the SocialBro team made an effort to attend as many sessions as we could. We even hosted a session on The True Earned Media Value on Twitter. Keep an eye out for a coverage of our event on the blog.

In the meantime, we bring you the best of the fest; the best Tweets from #SMWLDN!

On the importance of failure:


On supply & demand:


On misfits & innovation:


On digital transformation:


On brand conversations:

And in other news:

- Twitter rolled out their ‘Highlights’ product to all Android users globally this week. Highlights will notify you about all the interesting happenings on Twitter, and the content will be tailored just for you. Have a look here.

- Twitter teamed with Square to include a donation capability for political campaigns. Presidential campaigns have already signed up to the service. Read here to see how it works.



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