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Unlocking strategic success: mastering personalization with SOPRISM's customization features

In today's fast-paced agency environment, where every click and conversion counts, personalization is more than just a buzzword—it's the key to strategic success. Imagine yourself, a seasoned marketer, leaning back in your chair, tapping your pen against your desk as you ponder the latest campaign brief. You know that to stand out, you must transform mountains of consumer data into tailored strategies that resonate on a personal level.

However, the journey from theory to practice is full of challenges. Identifying the unique needs, desires, and challenges of your customers is only the beginning. The real test lies in seamlessly integrating these insights into your marketing strategies.

In this article, we'll explore how SOPRISM's powerful features enable agencies to excel at personalization and strategic decision-making. We'll show you how to turn theory into practice, generating tangible results for your clients swiftly and efficiently.

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The journey begins

Mastering personalization involves four distinct steps:

Step 1: identify your audience (who)

Successful personalization starts with precise targeting. By analyzing audience demographics and behaviors, agencies can create tailored strategies for specific segments. SOPRISM's advanced capabilities enable you to pinpoint audience mindsets and segments, laying a strong foundation for personalized strategies.

Image - SOPRISM dashboard - interest

Caption: In the Interest tab, you can have a view on the main mindset that composes your audience. In this example, we can see that Ice cream lovers, geolocated in Colorado are: 

  • Healthy Foodies: Individuals who love to eat healthy and may follow a specific diet such as organic food or natural food. 
  • Home Chefs: Individuals who love to cook and experiment with new recipes and ingredients in their kitchen.
  • Active Sportives: Individuals who are passionate about physical activities and sports. They enjoy exercising, playing sports, and pushing their limits.
  • Gift Lovers: Individuals who love buying and receiving gifts.
  • And Gourmets: Individuals who love to taste new dishes in restaurants, have a passion for food and enjoy trying new and exotic flavors and ingredients.

While you might think that ice cream fans are also fast food enthusiasts, or even pleasure seekers, as you can see, the audience is more into a healthy, sporty lifestyle — which you couldn’t have guessed without data. 

Step 2: determine your objective (what):

After identifying your segments, it's crucial to define your objectives. Whether your goal is to generate leads, encourage loyalty, or re-engage dormant users, each objective needs a unique approach. SOPRISM helps align your objectives with tailored content and messaging, enriching briefs for creative teams and fueling brainstorming sessions.

Image - SOPRISM. dashboard - audience overview

Caption: In this screenshot from SOPRISM, you can easily identify the content that will resonate with the audience you've just profiled. By following our Colorado ice cream lovers, and knowing that they have a healthy, sporty lifestyle, you can easily enrich your creative team's brief with keywords and concepts that match the target's lifestyle. Of course, it's possible to go even further by deepening the segmentation, taking into account gender, age and predominant mindset, in this case Youthful Yolo.

Step 3: determine the channels for personalization (where): 

Effective personalization seamlessly integrates into the user experience, operating behind the scenes. It's crucial to choose the right channels to reach your audience where they are most active and engaged. For instance, to target ice cream lovers, mobile formats and Instagram may be more effective than Facebook. Additionally, social media, magazines, and radio might be more relevant for this audience compared to newspapers or TV. SOPRISM helps you identify the most impactful channels for your specific segments, ensuring your personalized content reaches the right audience at the right place.

Image - SOPRISM dashboard - how to reach my audience

Step 4: find the right moment (when): 

Timing is a critical factor in the success of your personalized campaigns. You need to carefully consider variables such as message frequency, delivery times, and segment priorities. Precise timing can significantly impact the effectiveness of your outreach. SOPRISM assists in pinpointing the optimal moments to engage with your audience, ensuring that your personalized messages are delivered when they are most likely to resonate and drive action.

Image - SOPRISM dashboard - interests

Caption: In this example, you can quickly identify that ice cream lovers living in Colorado are quite into anniversaries, ceremonies and graduations. In only a few clicks, SOPRISM helps you to identify the life moments that matter the most to your target, saving your time and assuring you to be on the right strategy track. 

Navigating the challenges of personalization

After understanding the four essential steps for effective personalization, it's important to recognize and navigate the potential obstacles in this journey. Personalization, while powerful, comes with its own set of challenges:

Cost: Personalization requires significant investments in time, resources, and technological expertise. However, SOPRISM's streamlined workflows and features help agencies minimize costs while maximizing returns, making the investment more manageable and beneficial.

Technological Complexity: Implementing personalized services often involves new work processes and specialized skills for data integration, process automation, and ensuring data confidentiality. SOPRISM addresses these complexities with user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive training resources, enabling agencies to fully leverage personalization without extensive technical burdens.

Regulatory Compliance: With stringent regulations like GDPR, agencies must be vigilant about consumer privacy and legal compliance. SOPRISM uses aggregated and anonymous data provided by Meta, alleviating concerns about data privacy and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Maintaining Relevance: Consumer preferences and behaviors are constantly evolving, making it challenging to keep personalized recommendations and messages relevant over time. SOPRISM's real-time data and insights help agencies stay ahead of these changes, ensuring that their personalization efforts remain effective and engaging.

In summary, while personalization offers significant benefits in terms of customer engagement and marketing performance, it also presents challenges that require a balanced and thoughtful1642700298950-removebg 1 approach. By leveraging tools like SOPRISM, agencies can navigate these obstacles effectively, turning potential challenges into opportunities for success.

"I particularly appreciate the fact that the algorithm does part of the work by already segmenting all the data under numerous personas. The quality of the information is very granular, and it's not declarative, which avoids subjective bias.” - Anaïs Langois, strategic planning Manager at Big Success.

Become the maestro of personalisation in your agency

Faced with these challenges, agencies need solutions that fully leverage the benefits of personalization while minimizing the drawbacks. Here are a few essential steps that can help you make a significant difference:

Step 1: deepen your understanding of brand lovers

Understanding audiences for certain products or brands can be challenging due to factors like niche markets, emerging brands, local brands, controversial identities, or subculture-focused brands. Imagine you're tasked with crafting a campaign for Bimba y Lola, a Spanish fashion brand aiming to expand its global footprint. How do you identify and engage Bimba y Lola enthusiasts in the US?

Image - Bimba y Lola website

With SOPRISM, you can unravel these mysteries within minutes. Profile individuals interested in the brand, geolocate them in the US, and uncover their preferences and behaviors effortlessly, bypassing the need for lengthy market research.

  1. Connect to your SOPRISM account and create a new project based on socio-demographic, behavioral and interest criteria.
  2. Name your project
  3. Choose the geographic area you want to focus on. In this exercise, you can select the United States as you want to understand Bimba y Lola enthusiasts in the US. 
  4. Type the brand name and select it from the list displayed as a first level of refinement. 
  5. Add a second level of refinement by selecting the brand's industry/field. In this case, it's apparel and fashion accessories. 
  6. Check the size of your target audience. The more you refine your audience, the smaller it becomes
  7. Launch your project when the configuration suits your profiling objective. 


Step 2: Increase your understanding of real customers

SOPRISM provides access to a treasure trove of aggregated and anonymized data from the Meta ecosystem, encompassing 2.7 billion people. This invaluable resource empowers anyone within the agency to craft personalized audiences, shedding light on the intricate nuances of the brand's customer base. This approach not only enables highly targeted campaigns but also ensures strict adherence to ethical and legal standards governing data protection.

Imagine enhancing brand awareness and boosting customer acquisition for Bimba y Lola in the US. You need to identify individuals likely to become new brand enthusiasts across the Atlantic. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. In Meta, create a Custom audience from a Bimba y Lola customer email list.
  2. Transform your Custom audience into a Lookalike audience, selecting the geolocation as the US.
  3. Connect to SOPRISM and import the lookalike audience. As soon as it's imported, you can start profiling.
  4. By the time you've had a coffee and a chat with your colleagues, your lookalike audience will be ready for insights.

Here is an example of what the report looks like: 

Soprism report - video

Step 3: collaborate with social media & paid advertising teams

Enhancing collaboration within agencies is crucial for success. Effective communication between insights and social campaign teams often faces challenges due to their disparate objectives. SOPRISM streamlines this process, making life easier at every level. After profiling and analyzing insights for the target audience, the insights team can seamlessly create an ad set on the client's Ads Manager, leveraging relevant targeting derived from audience profiling data. This allows the Paid Social team to take over with just a few clicks, eliminating the struggle of translating insights into targeting strategies.


Step 4: Apply the existing customer segmentation 

Creativity and innovation thrive when agencies utilize segmentation data uncovered during audience profiling. However, challenges often arise with clients' proprietary segmentation systems, complicating swift and effective work. SOPRISM offers seamless integration of a brand's proprietary segmentation system into the tool, providing several strategic advantages:

  • Enhanced Personalization: Deliver more personalized and relevant analyses to clients, addressing their specific needs and strengthening trust.
  • Time Savings: Utilize the brand's existing segmentation system to save time and resources, avoiding the need to recreate custom segments from scratch. This accelerates the analysis process and enables quicker delivery of insights to clients.
  • Improved Understanding: Integrate the brand's segmentation system to make data analysis more intuitive and understandable for clients, facilitating better decision-making.
  • Strategic Alignment: Align analyses and recommendations with the brand's objectives and strategies, ensuring maximum consistency and relevance in marketing and communication efforts.

👉 Ready to take the custom segmentation the next step? Connect with our team today to discover how our solutions can elevate your business. Click below to get personalized assistance and answers to all your questions about how SOPRISM can help you in your personalization strategies.

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Achieving strategic success through personalization offers immense potential but comes with its fair share of challenges. Tailor-made solutions are highly appealing, yet the reality for agencies involves navigating complexities such as resource allocation, technological intricacies, and compliance hurdles. Effective personalization demands a meticulous and balanced approach.

Despite these obstacles, agencies have the opportunity to excel. By investing in precise tools like SOPRISM, agencies can deepen their understanding of brands and audiences, prioritize compliance and privacy, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and creatively leverage existing segmentation data. These steps enable agencies to become true personalization experts.

Solutions like SOPRISM serve as valuable allies, providing the tools and insights necessary to streamline processes and enhance strategic alignment. By blending expertise, innovation, and a commitment to meeting the evolving demands of the market, agencies can navigate the complexities of personalization and achieve lasting success in strategic marketing.

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