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Who runs the social intelligence world?

For some time we’ve been discussing Social Intelligence on this blog: social data, insights extracted from social networks, social listening... are recurring subjects in our content. By this stage, you must be more than aware that to innovate and stand out in a market driven by consumers, brands must obtain that intelligence from the environment in which those people spend much of their time: social networks.

Social data are the surest path to win what Michael Brito (EVP of Digital at Zeno Group) calls “the war of brand relevance”, reaching the right audience, at the right time and through the right channels and with the ideal content. 

The challenge is to know how to use the data 

Dr Jillian Ney, founder of The Social Intelligence Lab and one of the pioneers in this area, works to unite the global community around social intelligence. “Over the past year I’ve spoken to hundreds of social intelligence professionals from every corner of the globe, in every industry, and across lots of different disciplines. The consensus? That we see value in social data and analysing it but we’re having trouble communicating that effectively. And, because there is no best practice, we’re not always 100% sure we’re analysing data in the most efficient way.”, she states.

Interested in raising the profile of the professionals who work tirelessly to make social intelligence a recognised profession, we’ve analysed the community around it, putting a face to the name of the most important actors. We think it’s a way for you to expand your relationships and knowledge of this subject, following the people who most influence the professionals in the sector.

We’ve created an Influencers report based on an audience of 1,046 people who describe themselves as social intelligence, social listening and social data professionals.

Audiense Connect - Social Intelligence audience

A digression: as you’ll know, Audiense reports are centred on the audience, on identifying influential people (the most exclusive people) FOR an audience or segment, rather than, for example, taking those who have more followers in any audience. 

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To the point...

Top (macro) influencers for the audience of Social Intelligence professionals 

Audiense Insights - Social Intelligence - Top macro influencersAudiense Insights - Social Intelligence - Top macro influencers

  1. Elon Musk
  2. Jeff Bullas
  3. Jack
  4. Brian Solis
  5. Jay Baer
  6. Guy Kawasaki
  7. Mari Smith
  8. Kim Garst
  9. Ann Handley (MarketingProfs)
  10. Jeff Sheehan

Top most influential platforms

Audiense Insights - Social Intelligence - Top platformsAudiense Insights - Social Intelligence - Top platforms

  1. Brandwatch
  2. Simply Measured
  3. Crimson Hexagon 
  4. Sysomos 
  5. NetBase 
  6. DataSift 
  7. Audiense
  8. Socialbakers 
  9. Sprinklr 
  10. Synthesio 
  11. Linkfluence 
  12. Spredfast 
  13. Talkwalker 
  14. Sprout Social 
  15. Pulsar 

Top Market Research (#MRX) professionals

Audiense Insights - Social Intelligence - Top MRX prosAudiense Insights - Social Intelligence - Top MRX pros

  1. Jen Bruce
  2. Dr. Annie (LoveStats)
  3. Cathy Harrison (VirtualMRX)
  4. Kristof De Wulf
  5. Carol Phillips
  6. Jeffrey Henning
  7. Reineke Reitsma
  8. Jackie Tanenbaum (TheResearchProf)
  9. Katie Clark (InsightsGal)
  10. Oliver Tabino 

Top journalists

Audiense Insights - Social Intelligence - Top journalistsAudiense Insights - Social Intelligence - Top journalists

  1. Heidi Cohen
  2. Diana Adams
  3. Robin Wauters
  4. Enzo Rimedio
  5. Simon Rogers
  6. Charles Arthur
  7. JD Lasica
  8. Danny Kronstrom
  9. Gemma Joyce
  10. Jemima Kiss

Top data journalists

Audiense Insights - Social Intelligence - Top data journalists

  1. Gemma Joyce
  2. Paul Bradshaw
  3. Richard Moynihan
  4. Bahareh Heravi
  5. Sophie Warnes

Social Intelligence World 2018

If we focus on Social Intelligence World 2018 (an event organised by the aforementioned Dr Jillian Ney last week in London and in which Audiense participated as a sponsor), we identify the following influencers for that audience: 

Top influencers for the #SIWorld2018 audience

Audiense Insights - Social Intelligence - Top influencers #SIWorld2018 Audiense Insights - Social Intelligence - Top influencers #SIWorld2018

  1. Jeff Bullas
  2. Mari Smith
  3. Ann Handley (MarketingProfs)
  4. Mark Schaefer
  5. Larry Kim
  6. Giles Palmer
  7. Bo Woloshyn
  8. Timothy Hughes
  9. Dr Jillian Ney
  10. Bruce Daisley

Top agencies

Audiense Insights - Social Intelligence - Top agencies #SIWorld2018Audiense Insights - Social Intelligence - Top agencies #SIWorld2018

  1. Ogilvy 
  2. We are social
  3. WPP
  4. BBDO Worldwide
  5. Wieden+Kennedy
  6. BBH
  7. Kantar TNS
  8. Contagious
  9. Yolo Communications
  10. Kantar Millward Brown

Top organisations

Audiense Insights - Social Intelligence - Top organisations #SIWorld2018

  1. Research Live
  2. IAB UK
  4. Market Research Society 
  5. The IPA

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