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Find who to follow on Twitter


Perhaps you’ve just set up your Twitter account and you don’t know who to honor with your ‘Follow’, or you’re looking to spruce up your feed with interesting Tweets - finding out who to follow on Twitter can be a demanding task. We can help you find people on Twitter and provide suggestions to make sure your feed is full of the crème de la crème of the Twitter community.

Search email addresses or names

If you’re trying to find specific people on Twitter, such as your friend from college or a celebrity you adore, not only can you search by name, but you can also search by email address. This search becomes particularly handy if your friend has a super generic name like John Smith. Rather than scrolling through potentially hundreds of John Smiths on Twitter (and risk following the wrong one), just enter their email address in the search bar. If they have email address search enabled for their Twitter profile, they should pop up immediately! 

Twitter suggestions

Whether you’re a newbie or not, Twitter constantly makes suggestions of who they think you might like to follow. When you first create an account, to help you find people on Twitter they’ll suggest popular Twitter accounts other users follow, or they’ll provide suggestions based on what you’re interested in. Funnily enough, Audiense can help you target users too. Twitter suggestions will appear on your Home, Notifications and Me pages. You can dismiss suggestions as you wish to make sure Twitter doesn't show you them again. Their suggestions are based on the types of accounts you already follow and who they follow - thanks to complex algorithms that would totally blow your mind. You can find even more suggestions by clicking Who To Follow from the left-hand side menu on the Discover page.

Use Twitter lists

Let’s say you’re a journalist on Twitter looking to follow other influential people in your field. Maybe you want to network, maybe you want to read their stuff, maybe you just want to sniff out good stories - either way, you need to find the best people on Twitter to follow. Why not subscribe to a Twitter list created by a reliable news source? The BBC have an entire list compiled by their Breaking News Account which features the best publications and journalists so they can stay on the ball. Lists are an easy way for you to find valuable people worth following on Twitter.

Search keywords

If you’re looking for people who work in a specific industry or you’re dying to connect with people who have similar interests, try typing keywords into Twitter’s search tools. The search engine is nifty enough to pick up keywords in people’s bios, which means if they really like coffee too, you can easily connect with them. To narrow down your keyword search to just bios, enter your search term, then click People on the left-hand side navigation bar and you’ll be able to see anybody with that keyword in their bio.

Popular accounts

There’s a reason some accounts get thousands, even millions, of followers. They’re either absolutely hilarious, totally weird, or the owner of the account is so famous they can Tweet about what they had for breakfast and be praised for it. If light entertainment is what you’re searching for, there are a number of brilliant parody accounts - we’ve highlighted some of our favorites here. Additionally, finding your favorite celebs on Twitter is as easy as putting their name in the search bar. To make sure you’re always following the real deal, make sure the profile has the little verified tick next to the username, as there are many fake accounts out there that bill themselves as ‘@RealPrinceHarry’ but then in the bio say ‘not real.’ Always be wary of eggs.

Take a leaf out of other people’s books

One of the most efficient ways to discover who to follow on Twitter is to browse through the accounts of people you admire and who they choose to follow. Hey, if Poker Dogg is good enough for Barack Obama, he’s good enough for you (probably). Alternatively, there are plenty of articles online offering suggestions of who to follow on Twitter, such as the Telegraph and their 100 recommendations for a well-rounded timeline. If you’re really not sure who to follow, try reading a few of these and see what floats your boat.

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