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Which Audience will Have a Greater Impact on Sales?

You have just landed your dream job! Imagine that you are the CMO of a leading tennis sportswear brand and you are determined to surpass any expectations the team may have. Your first major project is to define the strategy of the brand's new marketing campaign. Certain that consumer insights are the key to generating leads, sales opportunities, or even increasing brand awareness you decide to bypass the process of trial and error and adopt a strategic data driven approach.

With the opportunity to link your marketing strategy to the biggest grand slams in Europe, you need to decide whether to target the followers of Wimbledon or Roland Garros. The question remains: targeting which audience will have a greater impact on your sales?

Audiense - Insights Report - Consumer Insights - Wimbledon - Rolang Garros - Interests

Upon your initial review, you have been able to identify that the followers of the French Open have a greater interest in tennis as a sport in comparison to those who follow Wimbledon.

You have also discovered, based on their interests that the Roland Garros audience consumes more tennis related television content than those following Wimbledon. This corroborates your previous finding of a higher inclination towards the sport rather than the event. Based on this data you are able to identify your target audience as real tennis fanatics.

Audiense - Insights Report - Consumer Insights - Wimbledon - Rolang Garros - TV Gender - TV showsAudiense Insights - Consumer Insights Report - TV shows 2

Having identified the target audience of your campaign as the followers of Roland Garros it would only be right to follow the data and insights further in effort to better understand the individuals within this audience.

With your headquarters in the United Kingdom it would only be logical for you to launch your campaign at home. Having that in mind you are aware you need to translate your findings accurately making sure any factors of influence are accounted for. In effort to ensure accuracy you go ahead and compare your target audience’s purchasing habits with those of the average British individual but what does the data tell you?

Audiense - Insights Report - Consumer Insights - Roland Garros fans - Purchase Influence Factors

Once you see the insights your approach is clear: a branding campaign on social media. For the followers of Roland Garros you are able to see the most influential purchasing factors, with values well above the average British consumer, are social media channels and the use of brand names. Your path is clear!

It’s now time for you to look into the online habits of the Roland Garros followers. By analyzing their presence on a variety of social platforms you will be able to identify which ones will have the potential to deliver the best performance for your chosen audience. In turn these insights have the power to influence your media strategy.

Audiense - Insights Report - Consumer Insights - Roland Garros fans - Social Media Presence

YouTube, Facebook and Instagram (in this order) are the most relevant platforms for fans of the French Open compared to the average British individual. It is 4.01, 3.47 and 2.62 respectively, times more probable, that individuals in your target audience will be active within these social networks. From this information it is evident that the content of your campaign should mainly be video content, with a focus on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


Definitely not a bad start as the new CMO of that great Tennis sportswear brand! You must surely be confident in your consumer insights and data driven decisions. Not only have you managed to define a marketing strategy in just a few hours but you did it based on reliable data and free of assumption. You can now present your valuable findings with certainty whilst supporting your claim that using consumer insights is the best way to increase ROI and ensure budget allocation is done effectively. We were going to wish you the best of luck, but we are aware of the demise in luck’s value when the data is on your side.


If you, as the protagonist of our story, also want to base your decisions and strategies on data and consumer insights, join us by signing up for a free Audiense Insights account. If you just can’t wait and want more information now feel free to contact us.

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