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Event: Bots in Action!


Bots in Action! 

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Bots In Action!

On June 2017 at the IBM Offices Southbank (London), Audiense hosted a breakfast session with Twitter, IBM Watson, Hobbynote, TFL, and Blue Robot to explore the current state of chatbots and why marketers need to embrace them. Bots aim to streamline user experience, providing ultimate convenience. However in their current state, are chatbots really ready to meet our expectations and be our new BFFs?

  • What: Panel Discussion exploring Bots In Action!
  • Who: Twitter | Emily McCleave | Twitter Data & Partnerships . Hobbynote | Benoit Lewandowski | CEO . Blue Robot | Sean Riley | CEO . IBM | Reece Medway | Watson Group . Audiense | Carlos Serra | Strategic Partnerships

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