A solution model to identify, understand & engage the relevant influential masses for your target audience.

Understanding audiences has become more of a fundamental element when it comes to putting together marketing, advertising and creative campaigns. With the rise of the quality of data harnessed from social media, it’s ever more relevant to learn how to find specific audience segments and their affinities and understand their online behaviour to put together a bulletproof campaign.

Who: Pulsar, Audiense

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The concept of an ‘Audience First’ approach in order to create bespoke micro-influencer and audience panels which are more relevant to the brands than ever before.
  • How to utilise the latest Pulsar and Audiense platform integration. We will go through how you can add context to your social search, which then you can look to go deep and segment and re-segment to find the most appropriate audience panel.
  • How to delve into their conversation to learn about their affinities, and behaviours and find out how they perceive specific brands and topics.

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