Coca-Cola global Audience Analysis: How far does it go...

A global brand is bound to have a global reach. The question is whom are they reaching? 


Why we did it...

Who are they?

As a well-known global brand, Multinational and manufacturer, Coca-Cola generates a lot of buzz and interactions on a global scale. We generated an Audience Intelligence report to know the most relevant insights about this audience: interests, online habits, personality, influencers, etc.

Our goal

Using the Intelligence report we aimed to analyse the demographics that make up their follower base across the different locations. First  stop... the USA. 

Insights we found... on 

A few points on the data…

  • Coca-Cola has some very distinct communities ranging from Nascar fans (unsurprising given their involvement) to country Music Fans.
  • The most loved artists being Dierks Bentley (54%) followed by Blake Shelton (19%) among others.
  • This community has also has a keen interest in Movies, Hip Hop and Desserts/Baking amongst other things. What a combo! 
  • Friends & Family and Social Media are the main purchase factors for this audience.

Influencers and media consumption

  • Instagram is a popular network for these people and if coca cola are looking to target this community the insights here are valuable to find niche audiences across Instagram (learn how here)
  • This community has a notable affinity to Youtube, several fast food chains, Target and Google just to name a few...
  • Time, The New York Times, WIRED and People are the some of the most influential publications for this audience
  • Snapchat, Facebook and Linkedin are the most relevant social networks for this community.
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