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Decoding the alternative milk conversation

We recently collaborated with Pulsar to tap into the conversation around alternative milk options available. 

Why alternative milks you ask? Alternative milks have become a mainstream supermarket staple which naturally means the conversation around these non-dairy alternatives is only becoming bigger and more complex. 


The conversation is rooted in consumer behaviour, highlighting the factors informing consumer choices but also making its way into politics and pop culture.

Within this report, we explore: 

  • The brands at the fore front of the alt milk conversation 
  • The different communities talking about oat, almond and soy milk online 
  • The spread of contentious news stories relating to alt milks, such as Oatly’s Blackstone backing and the EU’s ban on products being marketed using dairy-related terms 
Download our report below to discover how the alternative milk conversation has developed!

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Download the report

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