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Digital Transformation: who and how is the audience leading the narrative around this buzzword?

Digital Transformation: who and how is the audience leading the narrative around this buzzword?

Digital Transformation is an industry buzzword used to describe the evolution of business, including the technologies to facilitate culture change, adoption and leadership. As Michael Brito said, most B2B and technology brands want to align themselves with the term, which has increased considerably in usage and search behavior over the last years.


hy we did it...

Who and how they are?

Through audience intelligence we discovered who is behind the Digital Transformation narrative. The distinctive and unique characteristics, interests, media consumption, behaviours, influencers, personality… of the whole audience and of each segment.

Our goal

Understand who drives the narrative: people, brands and media publications leading the conversation around Digital Transformation. For marketers, all this information can produce actionable insights.

   Insights we found... 

A few points of data…

  • The Digital Transformation audience is clustered in four distinct segments: Business & Technology, Digital Marketing, Fintech & Insurtech and Customer Experience
  • US, UK, India, Canada and Germany are the top 5 countries.
  • London is the top city
  • US is the top country in 3 out of 4 segments
  • There is one segment (Fintech & Insurtech) whose top country is France
  • The audience is at a senior level: 50% are people with more than 35 years of age

Influencers and media consumption

    • TechCrunch, Harvard Biz Review and Wired are the 3 most influential media publications for this audience
    • Evan Kirstel, Tamara McCleary and Ronald van Loon are the top influencers for the whole audience
    • LinkedIn is 19 times more relevant to this audience compared to the global baseline, and Medium, 15 times
    • The great majority of this audience are likely to be influenced by Brand Name, much more than by Friends & Family or Online Ads

Interested in learning about your own audience and it's segments, their distinct interests, behaviour, influencers, media consumption and much more? Speak to a member of out team today to get your own tailored report based on brief provided by you!

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