Comparing the Estée Lauder Community

More than 25 brands under one roof but who makes up their key audience?

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hy we did it...

Who are they?

With a range of skincare, make-up, hair care and fragrance products, being sold across 150 territories knowing who you target for different campaigns is the key to successful tailored campaigns. In an effort to narrow in on the key audiences, we generated an Audience Intelligence report to know the most relevant insights about their audience: interests, online habits, personality, influencers, etc.

Our goal

To carry out a deep dive into the Estée Lauder community with the aim to understand who made up their following, especially within the UK?

Insights we found...

A few points on the data…

  • Several Niche audiences however a large part of their community is made up of young female university grads with an eye for sales! 
  • Interested in joining the conversation? Join in using #BlueMonday 
  • The community has a keen interest in desserts and cocktails!
  • Friends & Family and Social Media are the main purchase factors for this audience.

Influencers and media consumption

    • Holly Willoughby followed by Fearne Cotton and Alan Carr.
    • This community has the largest affinity to make up brands (Mac & benefit) followed by a unique interest in Ant and Dec, Amazon and Missguided.  
    • Times Fashion, The New York Times and Daily mail (online) are the some of the most influential publications for this audience
    • Snapchat, SoundCloud, Instagram are some of the most relevant social networks for this community. 

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