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Understanding the PUMA  audience

Forever Faster. Does that apply to you? Are you a apart of the audience that run the streets...

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hy we did it...

Who are they?

We identified a community of PUMA followers who are avid runners within London. We generated an Audience Intelligence report to know the most relevant insights about this audience: interests, online habits, personality, influencers, etc.

Our goal

Following some work we did in the past with PUMA. We wanted to track the evolution and understand the community of runners following the brand and living in London. 

   Insights we found... 

A few points on the data…

  • Run, Athlete and Fitness are the top terms in their bios.
  • To get involved in their conversations make sure to use #ukrunchat
  • Unsurprisingly we saw that among their top interests include Sports. However they are also have a keen interest in tourist destinations and the weather! 
  • Brand Name and Friends & Family are the main purchase factors for this audience.

Influencers and media consumption

    • Mo Farrah followed by Paul Radcliffe are both key influential individuals.
    • This community has the largest affinity to 'Runner's World'  followed by PUMA, Runner's World UK, Nike and British Athletics.
    • Time Out London, The Guardian and Women's Health are the some of the most influential publications for this audience
    • Pinterest, Instagram and medium are the most relevant social networks for this community. 

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