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Tesco: The British multinational retailer and its community 

Who are these shoppers? Which communities make up their audience? What makes them loyal Tesco supporters? We have the answers...

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hy we did it...

Snapshot of the Tesco Community

Tesco celebrates its 100th year as a business this year so we were determined to take a snapshot of the audience of that supports this established British business.

Community: Deep Dive

We were particularly interested in uncovering the different segments of the overall audience that had the greatest affinity to Tesco.

   Insights we found... 

New Segments

We discovered a range of different communities within the Tesco audience: Sport and TV fans, Foodies, Mummy Bloggers, Millennials, Students, Retail Professionals


We were particularly interested in understanding the student demographic. We learnt that the two big influencers for this segment were youtube duo Daniel Howell and Phil Lester and that social media was a hugely influential for this group of individuals, with this group more likely to be on Twitter than the other segment within Tesco audience.

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