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How to engage with TikTok users and who should be using TikTok to get the most out of their audience

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hy we did it...

The TikTok Community

Generation Z are expected to account for about 40 percent of the consumer market by 2020 and TikTok is becoming one of the top social media network for the generation-Z. 

TikTok, that acquired the company, is a Chinese mobile video creating and sharing app (named Douyin in its home country). Intended for short-form, usually 15 second videos but also livestreams. One of its key features allows users to lip-sync to audio clips, as well as offering many visual effects.

Deep Dive: Looking at

This is an example to showcase Audiense capabilities to: Understand the audience, to find out how to engage with TikTok users

  • Who is the audience in the UK using TikTok?
  • To see who should be using TikTok to get the most out of their audience in the UK/music industry.

   Insights we found... 

A few Insights...

  • Analysing the audience presented us with a lot of foreign data and intelligence.
  • Most of the segments were East Asian, with a lot of female influencers but an even audience gender split in all but one segment.
  • The conversations that can be determined by the use of top hashtags, and how to interact with this audience.
  • The audience of the distinctly UK segment.

Affinities & Influencers

  • It was easy to see to understand that personal profiles for distinctive affinities will most often signal celebrity status.
  • However, accounts such as Girls’ Generation and SMTOWN needed some quick investigation, especially as the former features in the top bio keywords.
  • SM TOWN is the umbrella company of SM Entertainment, the music label for groups such as SNSD which is otherwise known as Girls’ Generation, a K-pop group.

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