Understanding the Cannes Lions 2019 audience


Why we did it...

Who are they?

We identified ten thousand people that participated in the conversation around Cannes Lions 2019. We generate an Audience Intelligence report to know the most relevant insights about this audience: interests, online habits, personality, influencers, etc.

Our goal

We wanted to identify which tech companies had the greatest affinity with this audience.

Insights we found...

A few points on the data…

  • The US and the UK are the main countries, followed by Brazil, France and Spain
  • London, Paris and New York City are the top cities people were from
  • Unsurprisingly we saw that among their top interests are marketing and advertising
  • Their favourite social platforms are Medium, LinkedIn and Twitter, being 15, 12 and 7 times, more likely to be on these networks

Influencers and media consumption

    • The top 5 tech organisations with this audience the greatest affinity are: Twitter, YouTube, Google, Instagram and Medium
    • Ad Age, Adweek and Mashable are the most influential publications for this audience
    • Ogilvy, Wieden+Kennedy and WPP are the most influential agencies
    • Nikolaj Birjukow, Evan Shumeyko and David Droga are the most influential advertising industry professionals for this audience.
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