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Who are the professionals in leading UK indie agencies?

Would we be able to make a prototype profile of who the working professionals are in the independent agencies in the UK? We generated an Audience Intelligence report, this is what it's revealed...


hy we did it...

Who and how they are?

Beyond the economic-financial performance of the indie agencies in the UK and market trends, we wanted to know what attributes do the professionals of leading agencies have?

Looking at Indie UK Agencies staff

We were particularly interested in uncovering the different traits, interests and influencers for the professionals working in these independent agencies in the UK.

   Insights we found... 

Some insights

They consider both achieving success and independence to guide a large part of what they do. It does not seem like a coincidence then that they are part of the most successful independent agencies in the United Kingdom, right?

We have found that the (micro) influencers for the representative groups of the different agencies are mostly members (or formerly) of the agencies themselves, who are references for their colleagues.


The specialized publications and industry organizations are among the most influential for these professionals. The TOP 10 is formed by The Drum, Campaign, Mashable, Campaign Tech UK, Econsultancy, Creative Review, Adweek, D&AD, TechCrunch and WIRED.

Among the micro-influencers, colleagues from other agencies (indies or large groups) and independent professionals from the marketing sector are included, we find Rory Sutherland, Dave Trott, Will Critchlow, Kirsty Hulse, Kelvin Newman, Barry Adams, Aleyda Solis and Dr. Pete Meyers.

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