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REPORT: Who dominates the sports business' playing field?

PwC published the report “Sports industry: lost in transition?” in September 2018, in which it reinforces the idea that as sports consumption increases towards digital platforms, the challenge in understanding all of their audience segments in the sector grows.

For companies linked to this industry, whether teams and clubs, sponsors or specialized media, it is key to know the tastes, habits and online behavior of those who are professionally engaged in sports business, the human side of each of the sector’s stakeholders.

Fill in the form to access the full report, where you’ll find:

  • A report based on an audience of 1255 individuals who include one of the following hashtags in their biography: #SportsMarketing, #DigiSport, #SportsBiz or #SportsTech
  • Demographic data: leading countries and cities of #SportsBiz professionals, gender, age (which generation leads the industry?)
  • Interests: is football the main sport for #SportsBiz professionals?
  • Top influencers for the analysed audience: journalists, media, agencies, consultants and other professionals
  • Personality Insights based on IBM Watson data
  • Media consumption, most popular content and most relevant social networks for the sports business audience
  • And many more insights...