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Who sets the beat in the EDM industry

The most innovative companies are already benefiting from the technological possibilities: creating more personalized strategies to increase engagement with the fans of the artists, discovering new talents or even related brands with which to create profitable partnerships.

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hy we did it...

Who and how they are?

We identified more than 2600 profiles of professionals from within the sector: record labels, producers, DJs, and other professionals who work in these EDM industry organisations to carry out an audience insights analysis that will lead us to know what the industry is like and who are the most influential upon the sector.

Our goal

Consumer insights and audience intelligence are not only useful for the divisions responsible for discovering new talent and developing the careers of these artists, but these consumer insights open a whole world of possibilities to develop data-based marketing strategies: from the selection of locations for events and tours, to the choice of brands for sponsors or influencers with whom to collaborate. 

   Insights we found... 

A few points of data…

  • It is a mainly male industry (75%)
  • United Kingdom and the USA are the main countries, followed by the Netherlands, Germany and Spain
  • London, Los Angeles and Amsterdam are the cities that mainly host this industry
  • Among their interests, highlights are Radio, Music, Dance and Events (Festivals and Concerts)
  • It is 20 times more likely that you will find these individuals on Soundcloud than in other social platforms

Influencers and media consumption

    • SoundCloud, Mixcloud and Spotify are the most influential music platforms for the EDM industry
    • BBC Radio 1, Rinse FM and Ibiza Sonica are their favourite radio stations and among their favourite shows are Essential Mix, A State of Trance and R1Dance
    • MixMag, DJ Mag and Resident Advisor are the most influential online communities and media for the sector
    • The most important record labels? Monstercat, Spinnin' Records and UltraMisuci occupy the top 3 positions among the most influential labels

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