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Audience intelligence - Audiense solutions - Create valuable author panels to inform the content

Audience-centric social listening

Create valuable author panels to inform the content

Informing real-time marketing actions

A very popular fashion brand wanted to shed light on the trends within the style seekers audience, in order to use it to inform the content.

Using Audiense Insights, the brand was able to analyse the target audience got audience intelligence that included:

  • Segments for each market
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Concerns, conversations and content that concern and entertain for each market


How did they use Audiense:

  • In this case they used our integration Pulsar Communities.
  • By connecting both platforms they were able to connect these segments and understanding their historical and real-time conversations with a click of a button

Other related content:

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The brand used the audience-centric social listening through the creation of panels to... 

... monitor the conversations of the influencers for each segment and identify trends, for real-time marketing actions.

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