How an ovarian cancer nonprofit used audience targeting to reach 1 in 6 women in the UK

OCA embarked on a UK campaign aimed at raising awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms, strategically timed to coincide with World Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day on May 8th.

Given the unique nature of OCA's audience, the organization sought assurance in their campaign design to maximize its impact on the UK population and ultimately save lives.

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How audience analysis helped WWF to engage a niche audience for their Nature Positive campaign

WWF International has issued a call for global action to reverse the loss of nature and achieve a nature-positive world by 2030. This initiative involved launching a campaign to emphasize the significance of a Nature Positive global objective, which required introducing new terminologies and concepts to the public.

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How Banco Pichincha concentrated on specific audience segmentations to reach a much wider audience organically

Sponsorships are no longer just a tool to build mass awareness – when engaging audiences, they can also deepen connections between fans and brands. See how Banco Pichincha increased campaign engagement by 10x with more accurate audience segmentation targeting.

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How audience intelligence helped a leading medical technology brand to shape a client-first strategy

How do you begin to understand a seemingly diverse and highly dispersed audience? That’s the exact challenge that Ideagoras had to overcome on behalf of the portable ultrasound division of their client, a leading global medical technology brand.

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How consumer insights helped a CBD e-commerce platform identify and engage micro-influencers 

Learn how a CBD e-commerce was able to engage with authentic micro-influencers and successfully promote their platform and new CBD product while circumventing the U.K. advertising restrictions.

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How audience insights helped a world-famous opera house succeed in the digital age

Bayerische Staatsoper’s goal was two-fold: to increase the opera house's social relevance and reach a broader segment of society.

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How audience insights helped a company expand into three new educational markets

Given how often international expansions fail and the potential value of their client’s opportunities, Convosphere had to dig deep into data to determine if these new markets were viable.

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How audience insights helped IBM uncover consumer must-go-to events

Determining affinity can be daunting when you’re dealing with a seemingly endless array of customers and data points. Maven Road had to take a massive sample size of data and make sense of it without getting too into the weeds.

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How audience targeting helped a luxury agency win over ultra-high-net-worth individuals

What’s the best way to target customers when you’re selling a product that costs millions of dollars to a niche audience? That’s the exact question that Relevance was tasked with answering on behalf of their client in the yachting space.

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How a nonprofit used audience targeting to raise $1M for social justice

SMASH, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping provide students of colour access to college and career readiness resources, leveraged Audiense audience targeting to build their fundraising and building awareness campaign on social.

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How Universal Music used audience insights to keep the fans at the heart of its artists’ communication

Universal Music leveraged Audiense capabilities to identify and understand their artist's audience segments to complement their traditional market research and feed into each artist's comms strategy.

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How audience insights helped a publicly-traded company pivot

Red Cloud relied on Audiense’s platform to analyse the data of their clients’ current audience while researching prospective ones...

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How audience segmentation was key to creating a successful data-informed campaign

Using a three-stage methodology covering audience segmentation, profiling and, finally, activation and messaging, Convosphere was able to give MAPFRE a deep understanding of their audiences and...

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How WWF used audience intelligence to deliver key messages to relevant stakeholders

>During the United Nations General Assembly in September 2019, WWF wanted to encourage world leaders attending the #UNGA74 to publicly address the emergency around nature loss and acknowledge that bold action is needed to tackle nature loss...

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How Tecmart increased the profitability of digital marketing agencies whilst earning commission

With the aim to increase the breadth and quality of available social intelligence and data analytics tools to clients. Learn how Tecmart set out to Streamline effective technology adoption in order to completing briefs successfully...

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How Adroit identified the individuals that sparked the online debate about vegan Percy Pigs

Understanding who your community is and what they think is essential to any product release. The sentiments surrounding a product across social media has the power to shape the success of its launch. Who was spreading Percy Pigs controversy? ...

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How the University of Maynooth could go about attracting a host of new Post graduates

The university was interested in creative a comprehensive profile of what a postgraduate student in Ireland looks like as well as how it compares to a the global community.

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How AI-enhanced audience research got an Emmy winner's new show off the ground

Successful storytelling is reliant on an intelligent understanding of who the audience truly is, what they value, what resonates with them, and what their lives are really like…

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How Telefónica attracted 30,000 highly quality followers through precision targeting

Telefónica’s Think Big blog focuses on technology and new trends in Spain and Latin America, with a mission to drive the brand as thought leaders in this space…

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How Grayling helped a prestigious hotel chain uncover 358,000 new customers

Grayling’s prestigious hotel chain client had a similar number of followers to its competitor. But the client had no way of assessing the quality of those audiences…

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The influencers with engagement rates 24x higher than PUMA, and how PUMA found them

PUMA’s #IGNITEYourCity campaign was bold. It visited 11 major cities in key markets, with athletic activity running for 21 days in each one. As well as major athletes, the campaign wanted to attract influential runners…

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How relevant global targeting enabled FOX Sports to reach 600 million people in 2 weeks

Kindred needed to promote FOX Sports’ coverage of the Bundesliga as the league’s annual winter break came to an end. It was vital to connect with a large, relevant global audience in a short space of time…

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How Twiplomacy connects directly with over 1,000 diplomatic missions and journalists, and gets a 25% response rate

Twiplomacy’s target audience of diplomatic agencies and world leaders all over the globe is a particularly powerful niche that is hard to effectively reach. Twiplomacy needed…

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How EL PAÍS maintains unique, personalised engagements with customers at scale

Modern audiences are not short on options for content, and traditional publishers need to constantly look to the leaders in technology to retain a relevant contemporary voice. EL PAÍS has a history of digital adoption…

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How the University of Chester reached thousands of prospective students before their competitors, and saved countless hours

The university used the platform to create lists of over 2000 students and alumni by specific subjects, enabling a well-targeted recruitment drive for student ambassadors…

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How DHL Africa identified 65,000 influencers across Africa for the Rugby World Cup 2015

DHL’s #AfricaAsOne campaign was simple but massive: to pass a rugby ball across 45 countries in Africa on its way to London for the 2015 Rugby World Cup… 

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