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Audience-centric social listening

Get rid of noise & get value

Relevance is the key

Most keywords and hashtags are never exclusive to one conversation... A prestigious brand found that their campaign hashtag was not exclusive to them.

When you have a keyword that is shared with a big audience then social listening becomes a real pain. This is where with the use of sophisticated segmentation, they were able to:

  • Refine Audiense analysis of this audience
  • Remove whole segments that weren’t relevant to the conversation 

How did they use Audiense:

  • Create an audience intelligence report out of the audience that participated in the conversation.
  • Import back to their social listening platform the segments they were interested in, removing the noise from the segments that were referring to another brand.
  • Understanding the conversation from the different point of views

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The brand was able to understand clearly the conversation from each of the segments...

... from their campaign and their competitor’s campaign.

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