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Audience Intelligence - Audiense Solutions - Understanding the different point of views of a conversation

Audience-centric social listening

Understanding the different point of views of a conversation

Key insights to guide campaigns

A world-leading sportswear brand wanted to be aligned with the #RunForTheOceans narrative and own the conversation during the World Oceans Day. They used Audiense to find the top 100 influential brands for Ocean enthusiasts audience, and to know how many of them were mentioned alongside the conversation.

The brand was able to:

  • Uncover the brands with the biggest participation in the conversation and with most affinity with the audience
  • Uncover the sentiment and the impact of the brands’ conversations in comparison with the world wide conversation
  • Discover how the engaged audience in the #RunForTheOceans conversation changed from 2018 to 2019
  • Understanding the different segments that participated in the conversation and what was their point of view & they way they engaged with the campaign

Other related content:

In addition the brand was able to benchmark the conversation against the sports community

... identify the top content for the whole audience and for each segment of the conversation, amongst other insights that helped them to guide their own campaign.

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