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The Buyer Persona Summit 2021: Meet the Speakers

Best Buyer Persona and Audiense have teamed up to change the way marketers create and use buyer personas.

We’ve got the answers to all of your buyer persona questions:

  • How to create a buyer persona without any buyers
  • How to start building personas at a startup that hasn’t reached product-market fit
  • How to dive deep into insights
  • How to get creative with your research
  • What most marketers are getting wrong about buyer personas

Enjoy every unique chat with our fabulous speakers and make the most out of their experiences, know-how and advice. 


Fire Side Chat 2 | Adele Revella


Fire Side Chat 4 | Saurabh Wani


Fire Side Chat 6 | Michael King


Fire Side Chat 1 | Maureen Jann 


Fire Side Chat 3 | Michael Brito


Fire Side Chat 5 | Rand Fishkin

Fire Side Chat 8 | Becky Livingston 

Fire Side Chat 7 | Kindra Svendsen