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How AI-enhanced audience research got an Emmy winner’s new show off the ground


About Fred Graver

Fred Graver is a four-time Emmy winning TV writer and producer. In a career that spans 35 years, his credits include Cheers, The Jon Stewart Show, and Late Night with David Letterman. He recently spent four and a half years at Twitter as global head of TV creative. 


The Challenge

To research key demographics for audience understanding and character development.

The Solution

Audiense's Personality Insights powered by IBM Watson highlighted values and personality traits of users like his protagonist, and the tastes of the show’s target audience.

The Results

  • Found 850,000 targeted individuals to research and market toward
  • Identified key brands and cultural trends for the show’s target audience
  • Understanding of different audience segments allowed for broadened appeal
  • Defined character traits and values for lead protagonist using AI, informing key plot points
  • Guided writing of the pilot episode
Defined character traits for lead protagonist, informing key plot points that lead to the show’s pilot.
targeted individuals found
Guided writing of the pilot episode
krists-luhaers-543526-unsplash (2)-1.jpg

“I often wondered how I could accurately portray different characters for different audiences. Audiense helped me by identifying these audiences, allowing me to “listen” to them and understand them. They put together the psychological traits of the character I needed to create, and I was able to keep those traits in the back of my head as I was writing.”


Fred Graver
TV Writer and Producer

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