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How the University of Chester reached thousands of prospective students 


About University of Chester

The University of Chester is a public university located in the historic city of Chester, England. It began life in 1839, and is now home to almost 20,000 students from all over the world and thousands of academic staff.

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The Challenge

To increase relevance of Twitter Ads to prospective students and drive relevant engagements.

The Solution

To use the Audiense Solutions to target potential students with greater precision and uncover existing students.s of the show’s target audience.

The Results


  • A list featuring over 2,000 current students on Twitter to directly and organically reach, saving both time and resources in reaching them via other channels
  • Ramped up accuracy of Twitter Ads in student recruitment campaigns
  • Increased sign-up rates on course landing pages, after discovering students UGC them using Audiense
  • Competitors analysed to track for KPIs, cutting down reporting time and informing strategy


list of current students
top students from around the world
Acceptance Rate
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“Our Twitter Ads campaigns were struggling to perform as well as other channels, so we needed something to improve the accuracy of our targeting. Audiense’s suite of targeting functionality ensured our Twitter campaigns drastically improved, and have allowed us to build better connections with our existing students too.”

Shai Vure
Shai Vure
Digital Marketing Manager, University of Chester
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