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How did Grayling help a prestigious hotel chain uncover 358,000 new potential customers?


About Grayling

Grayling is a public relations firm with 1,000 staff working in 53 offices across the world. The company was founded in 1981 and work with clients across a wide range of sectors. The client in this case is a luxury chain with hotels in over 70 countries spanning six continents.

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The Challenge

Required in-depth analysis into the client’s audience to expand and validate insightful traits and affinities of their potential customers, as well as actionable benchmarking against the client’s key competitor

The Solution

Used the Audiense platform to deliver detailed insights for the client’s different accounts. Analysed audience crossovers with a key competitor


The Results

  • Uncovered 358,000 relevant users exclusively following the main competitor which were analysed and used to revise the hotel brand’s social strategy to attract more long-term customers.
  • Identified 150,000 users following both the hotel client and its main competitor’s accounts. This resulted in a target audience list with the potential for different marketing tactics to sway less brand loyal customers.
  • Listed the top 25 interests of all analysed profiles, segmented by three key markets
  • Uncovered insights about what type of content triggers results with each subset of users
  • Found the most popular cities in each market for each account, and the percentage of followers within them. Vital for a hotel chain.
users following identified accounts
relevant users uncovered
listed top interests
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“Whenever we need to do an in-depth audience analysis for a client, Audiense is our go-to platform. Our clients expect a level of insight from us, and Audiense delivers the data for us on the granular level that they are looking for.”
Johary Rafidison - Global Insights Director Grayling
Johary Rafidison
Global Insights Director Grayling
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