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How EL PAÍS maintains unique, personalised engagements with customers at scale


About El País

Founded in 1976, EL PAÍS is the highest-circulation daily newspaper in Spain. It is headquartered in Madrid, available in three different languages, and currently enjoys a circulation of around a quarter of a million every day.

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The Challenge

Building a large segmentable audience and directly delivering personalised content to users. Analysing the insights acquired to deliver business improvements.

The Solution

Audiense enables EL PAÍS to directly send stories to people who select the relevant topics.

The Results

  • 308,000 interactions from subscribers within 25 days of the experience going live
  • Organically drove almost 5,000 subscribers in just three weeks
  • An average of 14,000 actions every day in the first 14 days
  • Hundreds of shares directly from the experience in the first few weeks
  • On average, 71% of subscribers interact with the experience every day
actions every day
interactions from subscribers
subscribers interact each day
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“Audiense Experiences, based on Twitter’s welcome message and quick reply direct message features, enable us to personalize the news we bring to our six million followers, continuously adapting the information on offer to their preferences via by direct communication. This step, of customizing information on offer, put Twitter and EL PAÍS right in the vanguard of world journalism.”

David Alandete
David Alandete
Deputy Director, El País
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