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How Maynooth University was looking to attract Post-Grad students


About Maynooth University 

Maynooth University is located 25 kilometres outside of Dublin, Ireland. One of four constituent universities of the National University of Ireland, Maynooth University in 2019 placed #50 in the global top 100 universities under 50 years old in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.


The Challenge

Identifying the most effective ways to attracts more postgraduate students whilst building a 360° profile of what a prospective postgraduate student in Ireland looks like. 

The Solution

Audiense segmented the Irish Student community to isolate Irish university students and Irish Postgraduate students in order to create a benchmark between the audiences, gaining insights into the their differences, interests  and affinities. This was compared against a similar segmentation of global university/post-grad students to highlight core patterns

The Results

  • Key handles identified to improve targeting and advertising throughout sponsorship strategies, media planning and public relations 
  • Identifying key personality insights (value, needs and Big5) to create the most engaging and tailored content 
  • Value: self-enhancement 
  • Needs: Challenge, structure and self-expression
  • Big 5: conscientiousness and openness 
global postgraduate students
irish university students
irish postgraduate students
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