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Audience-centric content creation

Create a smart data-driven content strategy using audience intelligence

Using Audience Intelligence to increase the effectiveness of personalisation

The personalisation of content is a determining factor in increasing its effectiveness. Audience intelligence allows you to embrace this audience-centrist approach also in the planning and development of content strategies. When the target audience is at the center of your strategy, not only are you able to extract demographic information, but understand motivations, influencing factors and how content is consumed, among other insights.

An NGO used Audiense to raise awareness around their movement around Climate & Energy:

How was Audiense used?

  • Identify and monitor the relevant conversation about climate change based on specific keywords.
  • Understand the conversation around climate change and uncover the segments behind the conversation 
  • Understand the characteristics of the target audience (demographic, personality, interests, influencers and online habits)
  • In addition, they were able to understand that specific segments tended to favour particular topics
  • Using the variety of topic interests to mould an effective content proposal that included data, facts, relevant influencers, tones to adopt, personality traits to hone in on and a method of tailored delivery.  

Other resources:

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These methodologies are applicable to campaigns with all kinds of objectives since they put the audience at the center.

In studying the analysis of the audience, you are able to design and develop personalised content that will have greater impact than developing generic messages.

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