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[Product Update] Enhanced segmentation with cluster count control, new interest categories visual, and much more!

 We are thrilled to share some exciting updates that will enhance your experience and amplify your capabilities within Audiense products. We value your feedback and continuously strive to improve our platforms to better serve your needs. 

Read on to discover what's new, and how these updates can benefit you!

See summary 👇


Audiense Insights

Cluster number selection for segmentation in your reports.


Interest categories to highlight top cluster affinities.


Add your proprietary segments for audience profiling.

Audiense Insights

Access our Product Roadmaps to share ideas.

Audiense Insights

 Interest category visualization for better clarity.


Automatic Social channel preference insights in your reports.

X Marketing

Monitoring has changed in Audiense Connect with Tweet Binder.


Mindset updates for more precise data to understand your audiences.


Duplicate existing dashboards and share easily.


Generate and manage audiences with AI-driven audience creation.

🥳 What’s new?

1. Audiense Insights: Select the number of clusters in your reports with our enhanced Affinities Segmentation (Beta) 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

We have released an improvement in the way that we segment our audiences inside Insights reports with our enhanced Affinities Segmentation 💖

Our recent acquisition of Affinio has spurred us to elevate our Insights tool by integrating the finest features from both platforms. This enhancement is one of the ways we aim to consolidate key functionalities into a unified platform.

One of the main benefits of this enhancement is the freedom to select the number of clusters for segmentation ranging from 2 to 20, allowing for extra customization, which was one of the most requested features to be improved 🎯 

📚 You can read more about it in this Knowledge Base FAQ and visit our Product Roadmap feature update update to share your experience once you’ve tried it! We'd love to hear your opinion!

Audiense blog - select the number of clusters in your reports

2. Affinio: Dive deeper into the themes behind audience interests with Affinio’s new visualization

By translating existing interest filters into meaningful new insights, you will be able to understand audience interest themes at a glance. After all, most of us are visual creatures, right?

What it does:

  • Organizes and quantifies which of the 75 interest categories are most applicable to a given cluster 🔎
  • Lets you quickly gauge the themes around your audience's passions ✊
  • Enables comparisons against other clusters as another input to refining cluster names 🎊
  • Explore further with our new CSV export feature, enabling you to analyze Interest Categories per cluster/audience with ease ➡️

📚Learn more about Interest navigation and the latest updates

Audiense blog - Affinio Interest Categories - Tags

3. SOPRISM: Customized Segmentation (Get your proprietary segments added to Soprism) 📊 

Unlock the power of personalized audience profiling with SOPRISM’s Customized Segmentation capabilities. This premium service allows you to tailor the platform to your unique needs by integrating your own (or your client’s) audience segments seamlessly.

Whether you have specific internal segmentation criteria or unique business requirements, our Consulting team can work with you to incorporate your data into SOPRISM. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all segmentation models and hello to a bespoke approach that aligns perfectly with your objectives.


  • Personalized Segmentation: Address your unique needs with custom audience segments 🎯
  • Seamless Integration: Our team ensures your data is smoothly integrated into the platform 🔀
  • Expert Support: Work closely with our experts to achieve optimal results 🤝

To learn more about this tailored segmentation option and discuss pricing, please reach out to your account manager or contact our consulting team directly at

4. Introducing new Product Portals: gateway to our roadmaps & feedback outlet 🛣️ 

We value your input on Audiense product development, so we've launched new product portals, accessible through a unified landing page. This makes it easier than ever to stay updated with our roadmaps and actively participate in shaping our future by sharing your feedback 📢  

Audiense blog - Product Portals Landing Page

Why are we doing this? 📅

To help us prioritize the developments that matter most to you and your projects 

What you can do within the product portals

  • Stay Informed 📍View all our planned features, those in beta, under consideration, and recently launched across Audiense Insights, SOPRISM, and X Marketing (Tweet Binder/Audiense Connect).
  • Participate 🗳️ Access these portals to vote if a feature is a nice-to-have, important, or a critical update for you. Provide your reasons to help us understand your priorities.
  • Submit Ideas💡If you have suggestions for a new feature or just want to share your thoughts, use the “Submit idea” button to leave your feedback. 

We’re excited to collaborate with you and ensure our developments align with your needs.

🚀 What’s better?

1. Audiense Insights: Interests Tab just got better with our enhanced visualization & filtering functionality ❤️

We’re thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to the Interest Tab, now called Interest Categories in Audiense Insights, designed to streamline your experience and empower your analysis.

What's new:

🖼️ Visual Enhancement: Transitioned from Nesting view to Flat List View for improved clarity and ease of use. 

🔍 Advanced Filtering: Introducing a New Filter by Categories Group to refine your search and focus on specific interests. 

📁 Export Functionality: Now, you can export your insights directly to XLSX format, facilitating further activation and analysis. 

Audiense blog - Insights Interest Categories

Benefits of this enhancement:

  • Streamlined Discovery 🔍 Simplified top interests identification by eliminating hidden nesting, making it easier to uncover key insights. 
  • Enhanced Clarity 💡 Improved visualization ensures better understanding and actionability of your data. 
  • Refined Analysis 📈 Ability to filter interests by group of categories, providing deeper insights into your audience. 
  • Simplified Data Utilization 💼 Export interests to XLSX format effortlessly, facilitating seamless integration with your workflow and enabling data use in other tools. 

📚 Read more about this enhancement in our knowledge base article and share your thoughts on our Insights Product Portal.

2. Affinio: Automatic Tracked Interests Group for social channel preferences 📌📱

We're excited to introduce a powerful enhancement to help you optimize your social media strategy. Now, you can effortlessly uncover the best social channels for reaching your overall audience or specific clusters, enhancing your content strategy and advertising efforts.

Audiense blog - Affinio Social Tracked Interest Groups

What does this mean for you?

  • Automated Insights: We've auto-applied a new default Tracked Interests group to all your reports, making it easier than ever to access these valuable insights 🚀
  • Easy Results Access: Simply navigate to the ‘Tracked Interests’ tab under the Interests menu in your next report to explore these new insights 🔍
  • Name change: Tracked Interests were previously referred to as ‘Benchmarks’ 🔄

📚 Learn more about this update and how you can easily add other Tracked Interests Groups.

3. X Marketing: Monitoring is now available on Audiense Connect through Tweet Binder 📊

Exciting News! 🎉 We've upgraded monitoring in Audiense Connect with Tweet Binder integration! Now, all users can seamlessly access Tweet Binder directly from Audiense Connect using a single set of credentials. 🔑

Audiense blog - Monitoring connect & TB

Here's what's new:

🔗 Tweet Binder Integration: Say goodbye to the "Monitoring" tool in Audiense Connect! With Tweet Binder, you can now create better, more detailed reports effortlessly, including hashtags, mentions or keywords to uncover deeper insights.

🚀 Professional Plan Benefits: Gain access to Tweet Binder PRO for advanced analytics with a generous post limit of 10K (and more upon request!).

 🎉 Free Access Perks: Free users get a Free Tweet Binder account for unlimited reports, capped at 200 posts each.

🔄 Data Migration: Your existing reports in Audiense Connect will be available for a limited time during the month of June. But don’t worry, you can easily migrate them to Tweet Binder for continued access. Visit your monitoring reports in Audiense Connect to get more details on this deadline.

Audiense blog - Tweet Binder Monitoring

📚 Learn more about our new Monitoring functionality so you can start creating X analytics reports seamlessly in Tweet Binder, and export your authors to create an audience in Audiense Connect or Insights!

Need assistance?

If you have any questions about your plan or the new integration, please contact your Audiense account manager or reach out to our support team at

💡What’s coming?

1. SOPRISM: Mindsets Update 🧠

​​The mindsets currently available for your Meta analyses will undergo adjustments to ensure alignment with Meta's new guidelines. Thanks to our dedicated team's hard work and innovation, you can expect precise data resulting from ongoing improvements in audience construction 🛠️

🕵️‍♂️ For more details, check out our Knowledge Base Mindset Glossary

🔎 You will now find an expanded list of Mindsets, increasing from 108 to 140+, all neatly categorized to enhance your browsing experience!

Other features getting ready to launch!

✂️  SOPRISM: Enhanced dashboard duplication & sharing, enabling seamless modifications without starting from scratch, saving you time and effort with the ability to share just as easily as you do with reports!

🚀 SOPRISM: AI-driven audience creation to revolutionize how you generate and manage your audiences.

We look forward to updating you soon with progress!

In the meantime, don’t forget to visit our product portals (roadmap and feedback) from time to time where you can vote for upcoming features, leave your feedback on existing ones or share ideas to take part in developing Audiense for the better!