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#MWC19: The audience & top leaders behind the event

How to engage with Instagrammers and their networks

Instagram is a closed source, but using posts shared on Twitter and conversations, you can learn who the macro and micro influencers are, to the unique trending hashtags and hot content.

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hy we did it...

Who and how they are?

By launching one of our insights reports we gathered data on Instagrammers based in London. Discovering them with bio information, location data, conversation history and posts shared from Instagram, we segmented the audience and began diving deeper into the differences and distinctions, connections and content.

Our goal

Reveal people and brands that lead and inspire communities in London hunting for their next 'gram to post or scrolling through the photos and videos they can't stop liking and commenting on. Giving insights on the communities to tap in to. 

   Insights we found... 

A few points of data…

  • Just over 50% of all content posted by 'Multi-platformers' on Twitter is their own, whereas the remaining content is shared or join in with their discussions!
  • 'Aspiring Actors' follow many casting directors, these influencers appear as opportunities for potential employment, or even advice on the industry.
  • Londoners love their city, top brands include London Time Out, LFW, and Londonist. There's always something happening in this city, and these people want to be there when it's going down. 
  • 'Content Creators' want to be seen and want to chat, they have an increase in bio keywords such as '' and 'email', this audience means business!
  • Dan Rubin, Alberto Nardelli, and Jared Eng are the top influencers.

Influencers and media consumption

  • Ben and Stolen red basket are amongst the top influencers for the Multi-platformers segment. Dogs and humour, you can't go too wrong there.
  • The ‘Fashion’ segment crosses between clothes and beauty, Lorraine Candy, Jane Bruton and Lucy Yeomans are the influencers coming up top. With the audience being made from 70% females. 
  • The DJs segment often shares music from YouTube. Personality insights provided by IBM Watson show that the segment is extraverted and self-focused, finding a balance between a tough attitude to stick it out in the industry and a friendly persona that can get a crowd behind them.

Interested in learning about your own audience and it's segments, their distinct interests, behaviour, influencers, media consumption and much more? Speak to a member of out team today to get your own tailored report based on brief provided by you!

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