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Best Buyer Persona and Audiense have teamed up to change the way marketers create and use buyer personas.

We’ve got the answers to all of your buyer persona questions:

  • How to create a buyer persona without any buyers
  • How to start building personas at a startup that hasn’t reached product-market fit
  • How to dive deep into insights
  • How to get creative with your research
  • What most marketers are getting wrong about buyer personas

Join us for the first FREE virtual, completely on-demand Summit focused solely on creating better buyer personas. 

When: 26th - 28th July 2021
Where: Online
  • Interviews with all the speakers delivered straight to your inbox every day
  • NEW LIVE sessions daily
    • 26th July 2021: [Live Consult] Why Mary Marketer is bad for your Persona with Adrienne Barnes - 4pm BST/11am ET
    • 27th July 2021: [Webinar] Anticipation to Anxiety: Catching the Wave of Post-Covid Life with Hannah Lendrum - 4pm BST/11am ET
      28th July 2021: [Panel] How Digital Intelligence can inform your Buyer Personas - 7pm BST/2pm ET
      • Panelists: Rand Fishkin, Michael Brito, Adrienne Barnes, Fernando Angulo, Carlos Serra, Natalie Furness & Lea Queroub

The Speakers 

image2 (1)
Kindra Svendsen 
VP of Client Partnerships 
Speak Creative
Maureen Jann Chief Marketing
NeoLuxe Marketing 
Saurabh Wani Content Marketing
Lea Queroub 
Solution Business Manger 
Similar Web
Fernando Angulo
Head of Communications 


Hannah Lendrum Research Manager
Listen + Learn Research

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