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veggie percy

How Adroit identified the individuals that sparked the online debate about vegan Percy Pigs


About Adroit

Adroit’s approach to helping organisations with new technologies creates opportunities for growth in previously unavailable areas, enabling efficiency, agility and dynamism. Adroit Data & Insight used Audiense, and our integration with Pulsar, to learn who was driving trending conversations surrounding the passionate debate over Marks & Spencer’s new vegan Percy Pig sweets.

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The Challenge

To find and understand the online conversations surrounding and following the rise of veganism. To be able to report on the trending topic of Percy Pig sweets as a relevant and timely example of vegan debates and controversy online. To identify the most influential voices amongst them.

The Solution

Used the social listening tools of Pulsar TRAC to compliment Audiense Connect and Insights, to track hashtags, keywords and stories from other media outlets, in real time. AI enrichment to categorise the language of conversations into sentiment and emotion. To examine interactions along a timeline to find the initial conversations and the people that sparked engagement with the story.  

The Results

  • Top influencers of the conversations include @KTHopkins @JuliaHB1 @ProbablyAlice
  • Identified 12 segments within the general audience, including ‘animal rights’, ‘BBC live’ and ‘justice’. 
  • Using IBM Watson enrichment to highlight unique personality traits of the audience, including challenging authority, philosophical mindset, and intrigued by new ideas. 
  • Most likely to be found on Twitter, Snapchat, and Medium, least likely to be found on Facebook. 
  • Positive sentiment of joy (45.8%), and negative sentiments of disgust (38.4%), anger (8.1%), and sadness (7.7%).
Positive Sentiment
Negative Sentiments
Anger and Sadness

“Overall, ‘Percy pig’ made a big impression online and highlights the amount of information you can gain from conversations and audiences on the internet with a simple keyword. This can be vital in campaign planning if you are looking to make an impression on the internet. The age-old marketing saying says: “All attention is good attention” … with a helping hand from a marketing team that is….”

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Raven Wheatley Hawkins
Digital Marketing Executive, Adroit Data & Insight

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