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Audiense is the #1 Audience Intelligence Platform

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We help marketers and consumer researchers be innovative and develop relevant audience-centric strategies through proprietary social consumer segmentation

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Influencer identification

Audiense analyses trends within the target audience to understand which individuals influence them directly and indirectly.

Data collection

We allow customers to download data and pre-made report templates to be more efficient in their day-to-day, and to integrate our insights into their current methodology.

Campaign insights

Audiense enables customers to activate insights throughout the planning and creative development process, from the pitch to post campaign analysis.

Return of investments

Audiense collects multiple and valuable insights of any target audience in just a few hours, allowing customers to save a lot of time and money.


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g2c Customers Love Audiense


Tamara Lucas
Associate Director, Convosphere
Key tool for gathering customer insights


“Audiense helps us to turn data-points into personas. Using Audiense Connect and Audiense Insights, I can go one step further with my clients..."
edward bass
Edward Bass
Founder & Director, EntSight
Great solution and
brilliant team


“Firstly, the team behind Audiense are absolutely focused on delivering a great product shaped by their users needs. They've not only been really..."
Michael Brito
Michael Brito
EVP of Digital & Analytics, Zeno Group
The best platform for audience segmentation


“Audiense allows us to find the nuances of audiences, especially the ones that are very similar like engineers, developers, CIOs and CTOs..."
Abraham Geifman
An indispensable tool to identify all possible markets


“This is a unique platform to identify and propose audiences, very important for every marketing plan, easier than using expensive market..."

James Gitau
Digital Advocacy Officer, WWF
An easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to get started


“Audiense has a good reach and makes it easy to add new sources. The account support has always been good with Audiense Insights and..."

Rory Hope
Head of Inbound Marketing, Semetrical
An exceptional platform for leading-edge audience insights


“Innovative & actionable audience intelligence insights that any business can use to enhance their macro digital strategy..."

Lilach Bullock
Digital & Tech Influencer
The best consumer intelligence tool


“This is incredibly useful from a marketing point of view as it gives you the tools you need to create truly targeted and personalized marketing and advertising campaigns…"

Lauren Wentzel
Understanding audiences in new ways


“I've been exposed to many platforms in the industry but I found the insights to be truly unique and helpful. This deeper understanding of audiences is an absolute delight...

Dudley Nevill-Spen
Strategy & Data Insights Director, Live & Breathe
Their approach will become industry standard 


“The methodology is by far the best to develop segments, utilising Machine Learning to the best of its abilities to generate genuine audience insight…”


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Unique challenge

Culture is always on the move, making it difficult for existing consumer segmentation to keep up. Audiense's social consumer segments are derived from consumers’ behaviour “in the wild”, making it more likely to reflect real affinities, and become a powerful new input to the segmentation strategy.

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