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[Product Update] What we have been up to recently

We have been working hard this year, can you believe it’s July already? Here is our Spring/Summer 2022 product update collection of:

🗞 Did you miss this?
Time-saving updates
👷‍♂️ Behind the scenes & Beta
🏗 Coming soon

Did you miss this?

🤔 Our Personality tab is filled with psychographic traits, needs and values, but sometimes it’s hard to put this into your content strategy (and you know that we love actionable data). That’s why we created our Effective Messaging PDF!

Are your audience calm under pressure, organised, assertive and adventurous with High Extraversion? That’s great! Then, let us share with you what we suggest to include to appeal to your audience or segment’s personality. The PDF includes details such as emojis, branding, style, aesthetic, and more. Find it in the personality tab summary.

Screenshot 2022-02-03 at 13.45.05 copy

👐 Our Content tab got a massive update last year, not only in terms of improving the data source, but how the data is presented. One thing you might not have noticed is that the Content tab operates across 3, unique, areas: Liked, Shared, and Influential.

This is important when it comes to content and marketing, buyer personas, influencer marketing, because the content that we post (share) online is often quite different from the content that we’re liking on our feed. Plus, the content that our favourite influencers are posting and that we enjoy, creates a different layer of understanding an audience’s content preferences. Read our full update here!

Time-saving updates

🌍 Long gone are the days of having to put every single country in individually when building an audience. Want to include anyone in ‘Europe’, just start typing Europe! What about LatAm? Yes, LatAm too! To view our full list of countries, and the regions in which they are mapped, please refer to this spreadsheet. If there’s anything you’d like us to add, let us know at

Selecting Geographical Regions-gif
👯 Cloning your report definition is the fastest way to re-create a report, or run it again but tweak it with differences. To find out how to, scroll down in this help guide. Plus, you don’t have to worry about accidentally missing any criteria, or inputting criteria incorrectly, we’ve taken care of it!

Clone your Report Definition-gif
🤝 For our users with API access, we’ve made things a bit easier for you.
  • An API report can be created using Twitter handles now, previously you could only use the user IDs.
  • Plus, reports can now be listed and deleted via the API.
  • Also, since we released our new segmentation type (affinity), you can now choose between affinity or interconnectivity segmentation when creating a report via the API.

Behind the scenes & Beta

These updates are a mix of ones you might not have noticed but improve our data accuracy, as well as updates that are intended specifically to benefit yourself and your use of Audiense.

💌 If you’re a new, free user, to Audiense, you might have noticed a survey pop up on your dashboard asking you to choose one to two objectives from Content & SEO, Influencer Marketing, Persona Building PR & Sponsorships, Multichannel Advertising, and Twitter Marketing. Based on your answers, we’ll send you personalised tips on how best to use Audiense to reach your objectives! This includes how-to guides, case-studies, and blogs, all with the intention of helping you achieve your goals faster. We really said, let’s provide targeted, informative, content for our audience-user segments.

Audiense - Browse your Twitter Community - 13 July 2022-gif
💼 We’ve improved how we gather and qualify socio-economics, by better defining the audience proxy we create, and therefore providing more accurate and differentiated data from other segments/audiences. To read more on how we gather this data, check our guide here.

🤘One of our top Beta features right now is the affinity interests that are more unique to the audience. Currently, it is a downloadable Excel that dives deeper into the audience's interests (topics) & affinities (categories the influencers they follow fall under). It brings together partnerships that operate behind the scene such as Onlaytica and Podchaser, and expands today’s selection of interests by using genres from streaming and database platforms to include music genres, podcasts, movies, and more. In the future, this will be integrated into the platform.

🤜🤛 Using Semrush? We have an integration in Beta here! Read more about it here. Export enriched influencers with Semrush. displaying the Search Volume and Traffic for the top 50 entities. If you are on a paid Insights plan, speak to your account manager if you think you would gain value from using our Beta features.

Coming soon

🚀 You know we love to innovate and improve the Audiense platform, and often, we have a lot of projects and plans on the horizon. We are releasing a new, easy to read roadmap so that you can clearly see what we have planned, in beta, and recently launched. With this, we will be releasing a new area to share feedback, so everything is all in one place. We’re super excited for this one! Keep your eyes peeled for more information!!

📂 We have had this one requested, so we’re looking forward to bringing more categories to the filters in the Influencers & Brands tab, and to the Interests tab too! Got any suggestions for categories you would like to see? Send them here:

👫 When you’re working across multiple teams in Audiense, sometimes you just need more organisation. For this reason, we will be creating an easier login layout, allowing you to select the team dashboard in which you want to build and view reports. We reckon our brand and agency clients are going to like to see this!

🍊 Is segmentation not relevant for your use case? Get the insights that you want, faster, via reports without segmentation. There, we said it. It’s planned, so keep your eyes to the skies and your ears to the ground to find out about this release.

Wow, we had a lot to share with you! Our users are the core for a lot of our feedback, and we rely on you to tell us what you want to see in Audiense. Here’s a big thank-you to you! And, we look forward to bringing you more updates again soon!