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Data Stories | Leaders At Work     

A bi-weekly podcast hosted by Rahul Jerome, founder of and The Insight Network, that captures personal anecdotes and career highlights from some of the most talented and brightest minds in the research and insights industry.

Market research and consumer insights play a critical role in helping businesses understand their audiences thereby driving organisational growth and building better products. Too often as industry professionals we are bogged down by our jobs and everyday life. We rarely stop and reflect on our professional trajectory and its impact on the world we live in. Our aim is to inspire and persuade the next generation of talent to thrive in the fascinating marketing & advertising insights sector by bringing personal stories of guests who are much ahead in their careers and successful in their own right.



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Episode 6 | Hannah Marcus

In the sixth episode of the podcast series, Rahul talks to Hannah Marcus - associate director at Strategist, about English literature, semiotics, AI, and cultural taboos.

Episode 5 | Josephine Hansom

In the fifth episode of the podcast series, Rahul talks to Managing Director of YouthSight, Josephine Hansom, about how to get to the root of client needs through empathy.

Episode 4 | Jake Pryszlak

In this episode , Rahul talks to the Associate Director of Newgate Research, Jake Pryszlak, about his journey in the market research industry.

Episode 3 | Jackie Cuyvers

In the third episode of the podcast series, Rahul talks to the CEO of Convosphere, Jackie Cuyvers, about her journey in the social intelligence industry.

Episode 2 | Abigail Stuart

In the second episode of this podcast series, Rahul speaks to the Co-Founder of Day One, Abigail Stuart, about her journey in marketing research and insights industry.

Episode 1 | Cristina Balanzo

In the first episode of the podcast series, Rahul talks to the Board Director of Walnut Unlimited, Dr. Cristina de Balanzo, about merging the advertising industry with neuroscientific research.